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ioPay Wallet

ioPay is the official wallet for the IoTeX Network and a one-stop shop that serves as a gateway to IoTeX tokens and Dapps. With ioPay, your public/private keys and cryptocurrency are secure and accessible so you can conveniently manage your tokens with an incredible UI/UX. ioPay is available for both Mobile & Desktop and comes with incredible features:
  • Send/Receive Tokens: use ioPay to send and/or receive fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens, as well as view your complete transaction history
  • Stake/Vote for Delegates: stake your IOTX and vote for Delegates directly in ioPay, and conveniently update your votes/parameters anytime, anywhere
  • Trade with mimo: the mimo DEX is accessible directly via ioPay and allows you to trade and provide liquidity for IOTX, VITA, and XRC20 tokens, as well as cross-chain assets from Ethereum
  • Collect NFTs: collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which you can earn for completing specific actions/tasks. By holding IoTeX NFTs, you will be eligible for special token drops and network perks in the future.
  • Access IoTeX DApps: access a variety of IoTeX DApps, including Cyclone, ioTube, mimo, Travel Cat, and more, via the "Discover" tab in the ioPay wallet
  • Claim VITA: those that stake IOTX can claim their daily share of VITA directly on the ioPay home page on a daily basis
Download ioPay for Mobile & Desktop and see our official ioPay forum thread.