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Network Tools

IoTeX has a full suite of network tools that make it easy for both developers and non-developers to interact with the IoTeX blockchain:
  • ioctl Command Line Tool: a user-friendly command-line tool to programatically query/interact with the IoTeX blockchain
  • iotexscan Explorer: the official explorer of the IoTeX Network, which houses all transaction history that can be queried by anyone
  • IoTeX Studio IDE: a web-based integrated developer environment (IDE) to easily build and deploy smart contracts on the IoTeX blockchain
  • Staking Portal: a website that allows IoTeX token-holders to stake and vote for Delegates, as well as review all Delegate profiles
  • ioTube: a cross-chain bridge to convert tokens/data from other blockchains (e.g., Ethereum) to IoTeX
  • Analytics Playground: an indexer for IoTeX blockchain that allows users to query all the actions and receipts from an IoTeX full node
  • Multi-Send Tool: a convenient tool to send IOTX to multiple wallets with a single command
  • MintToken: token minting tool that allows anyone to create their own XRC20 & XRC721 tokens
  • Hermes: a tool for IoTeX Delegates to automatically distribute staking rewards to their voters
For developers, please visit our Github and dev documentation: