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History & Roadmap

IoTeX History

Starting in 2017, IoTeX was built from scratch to secure the data, devices, and funds of millions of users in the future machine economy. Year over year, we have evolved our technology and community at an incredible pace. From designing our platform in 2018 to launching our Mainnet in 2019 to unleashing first-of-its-kind products in 2020, IoTeX has grown at a rapid trajectory with our best years still to come. Explore the history of IoTeX by year via the table below:
  • Private sale fundraising (raised $25M in ETH)
  • First exchange listings on Binance and Kucoin
  • Testnet Launches (StoneVan, Strive, Epik, Photon)
  • Joined Trusted IoT Alliance
  • Joined China Mobile IoT Alliance
For more details, read our 2020 Year-in-Review.

IoTeX Roadmap

IoTeX is already one of the most unique and reliable blockchains in the world, powering a diverse ecosystem of devices (e.g., Ucam, Pebble), DApps (e.g., mimo, Cyclone), and services (e.g., ioPay, ioTube). But we are still early on our journey -- IoTeX has an ambitious roadmap in 2021 to bring us closer than ever to the Internet of Trusted Things.
  • Self-Sovereign Devices: new “Powered by IoTeX” devices based on the IoTeX Decentralized Identity (DID) system; standardization of our DID protocols through collaborations with enterprises and standards bodies, such as IIC & IEEE
  • Real-World Data Oracles: first-of-its-kind oracle framework to bring verifiable real-world data to IoTeX to fuel new machine-backed assets/DApps; position IoTeX as the de facto hub to "serve" real-world data to Ethereum, Polkadot, and other networks
  • Decentralized Autonomous Machines (DAMs): a framework for sensors, devices, and machines to autonomously generate value for humans via on-chain data/assets -- e.g., fractional ownership of machines, real-time leasing of resources, machine-as-a-service
In 2021, we will also prioritize hyper-growth of the IoTeX Network by strategically onboarding partners/communities and enriching our user-facing tools for seamless onboarding to IoTeX. The IoTeX brand will become synonymous with quality, innovation, and trust.
For more details, read our 2021 Roadmap.