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Platform Overview

The IoTeX platform was built 100% from scratch (no forks!) to support large-scale, decentralized IoT use cases. IoTeX is more than just a blockchain -- it is a full-stack platform to enable trusted data from trusted devices for use in trusted DApps. The IoTeX platform was architected by an award-winning team of cryptographers and research scientists that currently lead the world's premier technology and standards consortiums, including the IIC, IEEE, and CCC.
Although architecturally similar to Ethereum, IoTeX is not an "Ethereum killer". Rather, IoTeX will be the hub for decentralized IoT data/devices and collaborate with Ethereum and other Layer 1 platforms. The IoTeX platform employs a modular architecture consisting of various technological layers:
  • Blockchain: EVM-compatible, Roll-DPoS consensus (5 sec blocks + instant finality), maintained by 60+ decentralized Delegates
  • Decentralized Identity (DID): on-chain identity framework that enables users/devices to own their data, identity, and credentials
  • Real World Data Oracles: convert real world phenomena into verifiable, blockchain-ready data for use in IoTeX DApps
  • Secure Hardware: tamper-proof devices utilizing Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that integrate seamlessly with IoTeX
We detail each component of the IoTeX platform in the following sections.