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ioTube + mimo

ioTube: Cross-Chain Bridge

Introducing ioTube v4, a decentralized cross-chain bridge that enables bi-directional exchange of tokens between IoTeX, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. Ethereum & BSC tokens can live on IoTeX and IoTeX tokens can live on Ethereum & BSC! ioTube is open-source on GitHub, compatible with ioPay and Metamask, and supports a variety of ERC20 assets including ETH, wBTC, BUSD, PAXG, and more.
In April 2019, ioTube v1 was launched as part of Mainnet Alpha to enable conversions of IOTX-E (ERC20) on Ethereum to native IOTX on IoTeX. In August 2020, ioTube v2 introduced “witnesses” to facilitate the conversion of a variety of ERC20 assets including ETH, WBTC, BUSD, PAXG, and UNI. In February 2021, ioTube v3 was launched to unify v1+v2 with significantly lower transfer/settlement costs for cross-chain token transfers. ioTube v4 builds upon this foundation and is our largest cross-chain upgrade yet!
See our ioTube tutorial and learn more in our forum post.

mimo: Cross-Chain DEX

mimo is a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) developed by CapitalMu, a Singapore-based fintech organization. mimo empowers decentralized finance (DeFi) on IoTeX, which is the perfect blockchain for DeFi due to its speed, almost-zero gas fees, and cross-chain support of IoTeX & Ethereum assets via ioTube.
mimo enables peer-to-peer trading and community-based liquidity pools on the IoTeX blockchain. Compared to other DEXs, mimo is faster, cheaper, and more efficient thanks to a best-in-class automated liquidity protocol. mimo directly benefits from IoTeX's 5-second blocks w/ instant finality and extremely high tolerance for transaction volumes. With mimo, any trader with any amount of cryptocurrency can seek refuge on mimo to enjoy gas fees that currently do not surpass a few cents.
See our mimo tutorials for trading and liquidity mining.