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Ucam Promo Video
Ucam is the world’s first home security camera with 100% privacy and user data ownership, powered by the IoTeX platform. Ucam received the CES Innovation Award for Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy and has sold thousands of units on Amazon and global retailers. Ucam uses decentralized identity and end-to-end encryption to ensure nobody can access your device or videos except you -- not even our engineers can view your videos for any reason! Ucam was built in partnership with Tenvis, a global security camera enterprise since 2005.
Ucam replaces traditional password-based login with blockchain-based login -- unlike an 8-character password that can be cracked in minutes, a blockchain private key is uncrackable and owned exclusively by you. Ucam uses the user's private key to end-to-end encrypt all videos, so the only place your videos can be decrypted is on your mobile device. Ucam offers 1080p HD livestream, Cloud/MicroSD storage, motion detection alerts, night vision, two-way audio, and in-app pan/tilt/zoom features. All the features you want, with the big feature you need: 100% privacy.
Ucam Unboxing + Tutorial
Ucam is now available for sale on Amazon (USA) + Ucam website (International). Ucam has been featured on top mainstream and crypto publications:
Visit the Ucam website and read the Ucam whitepaper.