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IOTX Token Metrics

  • Maximum Supply: 10 Billion IOTX
  • Total Supply: 8.8 Billion IOTX (after Burn-Drop)
    • 900 Million IOTX (9% of max supply) will be gradually burned as we onboard 1 Million devices on IoTeX (see Burn-Drop)
    • 265 Million IOTX (2.65% of max supply) was burned in June 2020 as part of Mainnet GA activation​
  • Circulating Supply: see graph below for current supply of IOTX

1. Private Sale: 24% of total supply

IoTeX held a private sale to 30+ non-USA, accredited investors in Jan 2018. A total of 25,000 ETH (~$25M) was raised @ 1 IOTX = 0.0000125 ETH. IoTeX did not have a public ICO due to regulatory reasons. Private sale tokens have been fully distributed in 2018-2020.

2. Ecosystem: 18% of total supply

The Ecosystem fund is for bootstrapping the IoTeX ecosystem, including strategic partners, developers, and marketing efforts. Specifically, the Ecosystem fund has been allocated to Burn-Drop (10% of total supply) and the Halo Grants Program (8% of total supply). Ecosystem tokens are unlocked gradually over the course of 3 years after token issuance date.

3. Foundation: 25% of total supply

The Foundation fund is reserved to build and evolve the IoTeX platform + protocol, as well as to sustain the long-term growth of IoTeX. It is also used to fund cryptography, blockchain, and IoT research and onboard future development teams and contributors. Foundation tokens are unlocked gradually over the course of 3 years after token issuance date:

4. Team - 15% of total supply

The core team will receive an allocation of tokens, with each individual following an unlock schedule based on their start date. Team tokens have a vesting period of 4 years after start date with a 6-month cliff. Team tokens are meant to last for 10+ years to bring on future core team members. The first distribution of team tokens occurred in February 2019.
5. Roll-DPoS Mining Rewards: 12% of total supply
To fuel mining / block production by IoTeX Delegates, 12% of the total supply has been reserved for Roll-DPoS mining rewards, which commenced in April 2019 as part of Mainnet Alpha. These rewards are delivered by the IoTeX protocol to Delegates, who often share rewards with their voters.

6. Community Reward Programs: 6% of total supply

The community rewards fund is meant to incentivize community engagement and participation in IoTeX initiatives. Unlocked gradually over the course of 3 years after token issuance date.